Unifrog is the universal destinations platform. Their mission is to level the playing field when it comes to young people finding the best opportunities for them; they put having a positive social impact before anything else. Unifrog bring all the available information on careers into one comprehensive, user-friendly platform that helps students make the best choices and submit the strongest applications. All students from year 7 to year 13 have access to this platform.

Learning journey

Here is an example of the Unifrog careers education learning journey, illustrating the types of career sessions that Morpeth students may undertake.

Careers learning journey 11 18[1]Students

Students can access the platform by clicking a link in their welcome email, where they will use the temporary password Morpeth! and can begin using the platform. Once logged in, students will be asked to change their password. Students can sign in from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Students can easily reset their password by clicking the “Reset password / Resend welcome email link” on the sign in page.

Students can log in here: https://www.unifrog.org/sign-in

Students can track evidence of their career guidance using the interactions tool. This is a live feed of interactions such as career interviews, employer encounters and visits to universities. These interactions can be found here: https://www.unifrog.org/student/interactions

Parents / carers

Parents and carers can also have their own Unifrog account. You will be able to research careers, attend webinars delivered by employers and universities to learn more about their opportunities, and compare pathways so you can support your child in making an informed decision about their next steps. The sign up code you need is MOSCparents and you can sign up here: www.unifrog.org/code. You can also sign up to Unifrog’s parent / carer newsletter when you first sign in to get expert advice and guidance on supporting your child with their next steps.

View the Unifrog Launch Presentation here:
Unifrog Launch Presentation