KS5 Destinations

We have a proud history of students who have completed their schooling at Morpeth, taking up high quality apprenticeships and going on to a number of impressive courses. This year includes:

  • University of Durham, Natural Sciences
  • UCL, Computer Science
  • King’s College, London, Economics
  • University of Manchester, Maths
  • UCL, Natural Sciences
  • Queen Mary’s, Economics
  • University of Birmingham, Biosciences
  • UCL, Chemistry with Maths
  • Edge Hill University, Liverpool, Sports Therapy
  • University of Essex, Sports & Exercise Science
  • King’s College, London, Children’s Nursing
  • University of Leicester, Computer Science
  • University of Essex, Accounting
  • Goldsmiths, Economics
  • Queen Mary’s University, London, Accounting & Management
  • City University, Law
  • University College, London –
  • City University, Children’s Nursing Education Studies