Exam results


Collection of GCSE and GCE Examination Certificates 2023 

We have received all the exam certificates from the Examination Boards. They will be available for collection on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 5th December, classes MORP, at  3.15pm to 4.00pm in the Flexi Space
  • Thursday 7th December, classes ETHS, at 3.15p to 4.00pm in PLR

If you cannot come in on these days, you can collect your certificates between 3.30pm and 4.15pm from 11th December to 20th December 2023.

If these dates and times are not suitable, please call the school office on 020 8981 0921 to agree an alternative date and time.

All students must bring photo ID.  Internal students may bring their lanyard.

If you are unable to collect your certificates in person, you can nominate someone else to collect them for you. You will need to provide a signed letter or email naming the person who will be collecting.

Proof of identity will be required for anyone collecting the certificates on your behalf.

Please check your certificates before you leave the School Site. If there are any missing, or there are errors such as mis-spelling of names etc. raise this while you are in the school so that we can investigate this further.

We recommend you collect your certificates as soon as possible. We are legally obliged to retain them for 1 year and cannot guarantee they will be available beyond this point.

If we no longer hold your certificates you will need to contact the Exam Boards directly and pay for replacements where possible.

You can collect certificates if you finished Year 11 or Year 13 this summer. All other certificates are not available for collection.

If you have any queries, please contact the exams officer, Ms Ali. Email: rali@morpeth.towerhamlets.sch.uk


KS4 Performance Snapshot


The average number of GCSE entries per pupil at Morpeth is the 68th highest of all secondary schools in England, placing the school in the top 2% of all schools. This is the highest of all schools in Tower Hamlets, with Morpeth pupils on average taking two more GCSEs than at other Tower Hamlets schools.

Progress Headlines

The 2023 Morpeth ‘Progress 8’ score is in the DfE ‘Above Average’ band, placing the school in the top 27% of schools nationally. The government’s decision to not include GCSEs taken during COVID-impacted exam series in ‘Progress 8’ measures for 2023 means that Morpeth School’s ‘Progress 8’ score was impacted on the downside, particularly for EBacc and languages. Including these entries provides a ‘Progress 8’ score of +0.36.

The English GCSE progress score is ‘well above average’, placing Morpeth in the top 20% of all schools nationally. Progress in ‘non-EBacc’ subjects (our ‘Options’ subjects) is also considered ‘well above average’, in the top 13% of all schools in England.

Pupils from across socio-economic backgrounds make good progress, and disadvantaged students being particularly strong across subjects. The progress of pupils with high prior attainment is in the top 10% of secondary schools nationally.


Underlying data from DfE (2023) Secondary School Performance data in England: 2022 to 2023. Discounting guidance: DfE (2023) Discounting and Early Entry Guidance. 

Accountability measures guidance: DfE (2023) Secondary accountability measures: Guide for maintained  secondary schools, academies and free schools.

Follow this link to view our key stage 4 performance on the Department for Education (DfE) School and College Performance measures website.

Use this link to the DfE School and College Performance measures website to search for performance information on other schools, across local authorities, or multi-academy trusts.

Click on this link for:

  • Further information on the uneven impact of the pandemic
  • 2022 Key Stage 4 Performance Headlines
  • Destinations after Key Stage 4

Key Stage 5 DfE Performance tables

Please follow this link to view our key stage 5 performance on the DfE School and College Performance measures website.

 Use this link to the DfE School and College Performance measures website to search for performance information on other schools, across local authorities, or multi- academy trusts.


2022 Key Stage 5 Performance Headlines

  • Our pupils in 2022 achieved an average grade of C+ per A level entry, compared to an average grade of B- for all pupils nationally.
  • The average grade per Applied Level 3 vocational and technical qualifications achieved by our pupils in 2022 was a Distinction,the same as the average grade achieved by all pupils nationally.
  • Nine per cent of our pupils achieved at least grades AAB in 3 A levels that count as facilitating subjects, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Geography, History, English Literature, and Classical/Modern Languages. This compares with 21% of all pupils nationally.
  • All our pupils were retained to the end of the ‘core aim’ of their study programme, significantly higher than the 69% of all pupils who did so nationally.


Destinations after KS5

  • The proportion of our pupils who continue in education or into employment for at least 6 months after completing their KS5 studies is higher than the proportion evident nationally - 83% of our cohort ending KS5 in 2021 compared to the national figure of 79%.
  • The proportion of our pupils who progress to level 4 qualifications in higher education and training — i.e.degrees, higher technical courses and higher apprenticeships stand at 74% for our cohort ending KS5 in 2021. This is significantly higher than the national proportion of 52%.
  • Forty four per cent of our pupils ending KS5 in 2022 secured places on degree courses in Russell Group / 1994 / Top 20 Universities.
  • Eleven percent went to Universities outside of London.

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