Edulink One


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What is Edulink One?

Edulink One is a parent portal and communication app that keeps your child’s school information in one place and keeps you more informed about their learning and progress.

How do  I Access it?

It’s simple to use and can be accessed via an Android or iOS app, or any web browser.

You will have received login details from us to sign up. If you experience any difficulties logging in, please contact us using this link: or call us on 020 8981 0921.

You can download the Edulink One app on Google Play or App Store. Alternatively go to to use it in the browser format.

What information will I see about my child?

Some of the information you may see includes:

  • Your contact details (and how you can change them)
  • School reports and documents
  • Homework

Login to Edulink One click here:

See a video guide on how it works here: