Academic coaching

Our academic coaching programme is now in its tenth year and we are delighted to have expanded our programme at Morpeth this year, to eight coaches working across English and Maths.

Their main role is to work with individual students and small groups, supporting them with their learning and challenging them to achieve at, or above, their target grades.

In light of the school closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is now more important than ever that we provide high quality coaching to support students to reach their potential. We are working closely with the National Tutoring programme to supplement our generous in-school coaching with high quality academic coaches from external agencies, such as Talent-Ed and Teach First.

The Coaching Model

Academic coaches work with targeted Year 11 pupils twice a week, for 30 minutes, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the course of the school day, over a half-term. The students then attend sessions in groups before or after school once they have completed the one to one programme. Coaches also work with small groups of Years 7 and 8 pupils on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, to support reading and writing skills and to consolidate mathematical understanding.

Coaches also work with students during half term and on Saturdays.