Admissions 2022

If you live in Tower Hamlets and your child is currently in Year 6, you will need to make an online application via Tower Hamlets Council's e-portal:, for them to transfer to secondary school in September 2021.

Click on this link for more information on secondary school admissions .

If you live in Tower Hamlets and your child is currently in Year 5, we know that you will be beginning to think about transition to secondary school in September 2022.

Dates for Open Mornings and the Open Evening we aim to run in the autumn to term:


September 2021 Open Mornings 

9.30am to 11.15am

Tuesday 14th, Thursday 16th and Monday 20th.


September 2021 Open Evening

4.00pm to 7.00pm

Wednesday 29th


October 2021 Open Mornings

9.30am to 11.15am

Wednesday 6th, Friday 8th and Monday 11th

Take a virtual tour of Morpeth School

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Hello to Year 6 pupils and families wanting to join Morpeth school

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Teachers’ presentations on what we have to offer

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Hear from some of our pupils about what it's like to be part of Morpeth School:

Tasmina, Year 7

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Wilfred, Year 8

Screen Shot 2020 09 30 at 12.49.36

Deshae Year 10 and Sabiha Year 12

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