Head of Department: Molly Robson


Humanities At Morpeth

This is a non-examined course that pupils can choose to study at Key Stage 4.

It provides and excellent foundation for the future study of a wide range of subjects.


Non – examined 1 Year course

Core units:

Unit 1 – Culture and Beliefs

  • Students will study a different range of cultures and examine how beliefs can impact on a person’s life and choices. Moral debates such as euthanasia and abortion are incorporated into this unit.
  • Students will visit the Jewish Museum for a day of workshops centred on Jewish identity in London.  This will followed by a talk with a Holocaust survivor.

Unit 2 – Environmental Issues

  • Students will study a variety of environmental issues that exist today endangered species, climate change and discuss human impact on planet earth.
  • Students will complete an investigation on how environmental issues are impacting their local area.

Unit 3: Humanities Enquiry

  • Students will complete a detailed piece of controlled assessment, for example ‘Human rights are just as important today as when they were created’ Discuss. Students will also have to write a speech around their essay title and present this at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park.

Unit 4: Prejudice and Persecution

  • Students will investigate the origins of prejudice in society and examine the causes and effects of the persecution of various groups of people. For example the Holocaust during World War II and the Rwandan Genocide.

Unit 5: Global Inequalities

  • Students will study the causes of global inequalities and assess how effective the methods to reduce these inequalities are around the world. 
  • Within this unit students will work closely with the following three charities, Water Aid, Divine Chocolate and Monkee Jeans. As part of the course students will be involved in fundraising within school. Last year the Humanities groups raised £1800 for Water Aid. 


Important things to note if you choose this course:

This course provides the opportunity to study historical, geographical and cultural and social issues in a variety of ways, in depth, and in a global context.  You will learn a variety of skills throughout the course e.g. essay writing in the controlled assessment, evaluation, analysis, and communication. 

This course will be an excellent basis for study of history, geography or sociology in following years.



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