Head of Department: Shahel Uddin

Members of Department:

  • Mohammed Ali
  • Shofina Ali
  • Anjoo Begum
  • Sebastian Bicen
  • Lisa Chalmers
  • Meredith Dryden
  • James Foley
  • Maria Garcia-Stenton
  • Tahmina Khanom
  • Monwara Khatun
  • Jos Lucas
  • Kiran Malah
  • Neelam Maru (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Ruth Mason
  • Paula Mayes
  • Shakti Pandey
  • Urmi Quadir
  • Muhammed Uddin

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Maths club poster

Maths at Morpeth

At Morpeth we are passionate about Maths and want our students to love the subject just as much as we do. Maths is a beautiful and creative subject and we aim for our lessons to reflect this.

In Maths lessons independent, paired and group work tasks encourage strategic problem solving skills. Teaching is aimed at providing a deep understanding and developing a love of the subject.

There is a strong focus on basic numeracy starting in Year 7 and this is emphasised throughout their school experience. 

Maths is a popular subject at Morpeth which is confirmed by our successful results and the large number of students who wish to continue studying Maths beyond GCSE.

Mathematics is a popular subject at Morpeth which is confirmed by our successful results and the large number of students who wish to continue studying mathematics beyond GCSE. 

Key Stage 3

Pupils follow the Maths Mastery program aimed at giving students a more conceptual understanding of the subject. They will develop functional and problem solving skills within their lessons and through large scale activities and by using manipulatives to model abstract concepts. Setting takes place in Year 8 and 9 but not currently in Year 7.  Students will be assessed through topic tests, regular book-marking, in class assessment and will be informed on how to make good progress. Support is provided through after school homework club and one-to-one tuition from academic coaches for Year 7 and 8.

Key Stage 4

Pupils are entered for the new Edexcel linear GCSE course, at either the Higher or Foundation tier.  They are assessed through termly tests, GCSE graded homework and in class assessment.  Support is provided by the Maths department through Saturday and holiday revision classes, after school sessions and one-to-one tuition from academic coaches and Maths teachers. 

Key Stage 5

Students at Key Stage 5 follow the new Edexcel linear A Level course.  They receive three sessions of Maths a week.  Students can also study Further Maths. Additionally the department now offers students the opportunity to study Core Maths. This course looks at the practical applications of Maths and provides excellent support for students studying subjects such as: Economics, Chemistry and Physics.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • UKMT Maths Challenge
  • Maths Inspiration trip
  • Maths residential
  • Enterprise Day
  • Barclays Money Sense
  • Music/Maths workshop
  • Maths in Action
  • Happy Puzzle Company
  • STEM workshop

Plain Support

  • Numeracy programme
  • Academic coaches
  • Targeted intervention throughout all year groups
  • SEN teachers
  • G&T Opportunities
  • Enrichment trips
  • Homework Club
  • Mathswatch