Head of Department:  Rousy Begum

Members of Department:

  • Rousy Begum
  • Lizzie Gunning (Head of Year 9)
  • Anna Messides (Assistant Headteacher)

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KS3 Curriculum

Drama is a much valued part of the curriculum at Key Stage 3 when pupils are introduced to key performance techniques and drama conventions.

The work covered introduces pupils to a broad range of Drama terms, theatre styles, Mediums and Explorative Strategies.

Many of these concepts are key elements explored in depth by the GCSE Drama syllabus at KS4.

In Years 7-8 pupils can expect to receive one timetabled Drama lesson per fortnight.

The classroom curriculum is supported and augmented by a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities offered to pupils, and collaborative projects with external theatre agencies and practitioners.

Year 9 Foundation Drama Arts Award (Bronze)

The Bronze Arts Award allows you to get involved in a range of arts activities in Drama such as developing performance skills, exploring scripts, and specialist workshop on acting and dance skills by professional theatre companies and artists, visiting the theatre, running drama activities for primary school and researching themes to devise original performances.

The course also helps you to develop new skills in the arts, such as leadership and teamwork skills.

There are 4 assessment areas that will be covered in your drama lessons:

1. Taking part in an Arts Activity

2. Going to an Arts Event

3. Arts Inspiration

4. Sharing your skills

This is a nationally recognised qualification that will help you when applying to college or university, or getting a job.

KS4 curriculum

Drama candidates follow the WJEC GCSE Drama syllabus. Delivery of this curriculum is in accordance with the terms and regulations stipulated and upheld by the examination board.

It has a three-unit structure and students are assessed in a practical and documentary way, the first two units will be under controlled supervised conditions and the third unit will be assessed by an external examiner.

  • Unit 1: Practical examination of a devised performance, based on exploration of a "theme" supported by written coursework (60 %)
  • Unit 2: Practical examination of a performance of a play text (20 %)
  • Unit 3: Written examination on a set text and evaluation of performance of unit 2(40%)

Complimentary work

The department supplements the work explored in class with regular trips to watch live, professional theatre, and workshops delivered by visiting theatre practitioners and companies.

KS5 curriculum

Drama candidates follow the Edexcel GCE Drama and Theatre Studies syllabus which covers a range of study.

The teaching and learning is varied from practical and theoretical approach in modern performances through a range of plays.

The standard of work and results in the subject has been excellent. We are hoping to continue to develop extra-curricular opportunities for students to enhance their learning and performance


Every year, there is a Drama production arranged which is accessible to the whole school. This year it is the musical School of Rock, with a week of performances due to take place this July! Alongside the KS3 Drama club, there are regular opportunities for pupils to go to the theatre and enjoy London’s top productions.