Art and Photography

Joint Head of Department: Claire Harmer, Catriona Walker

Members of Department:

  • Andrew Cooper
  • Marie Fullerton
  • Tina Gregoriou

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Exhibition: Creative Disruptions 2021

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Key stage 3

Artists are careful observers of their world and communicate their understanding of the world through their artwork. In Morpeth pupils will be encouraged to develop careful observation skills as well as critically engaging with the work of other artists. All pupils are taught in mixed ability groups, and homework is set every lesson. Pupils are introduced to practical skills in a range of materials and processes and asked to practice these in homework activities. Pupils visit various galleries throughout the two year course e.g. The Saatchi, Tate Modern, The V&A.


Year 9 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities

Pupils can opt to continue studying art in Year 9 foundation course to extend their experience in key techniques including fine art, photography and film based media. This course provides a good grounding for GCSE in either year 10 or 11 and there are opportunities to work with our external partners, galleries, arts organisations or creative professionals

KS4 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities

Pupils can opt for Art and/or Photography. GCSE option subjects are taught in ONE year. Pupils are taught in mixed ability groups, given weekly homework (minimum of 1 ½ hours), go on trips and take part in workshops. Having spent the first term developing and refining their skills pupils are expected to develop a personal line of enquiry for their exam unit which they start at the beginning of the spring term. Pupils are encouraged to be involved with the artists exhibiting in The Portman Gallery (Morpeth’s art gallery). Classrooms are available to pupils to continue work independently after school.

KS5 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities

At Morpeth Sixth Form, students can study Art and/or Photography at A level. We have excellent facilities with two dark rooms, a suite of iMacs and a sixth form studio for practical work. Students visit a range of galleries and museums. The College has developed links with the University of the Arts to support students with post 18 decisions and has also organised visits to other universities e.g. Brighton and St Martin’s School of Art.



Portman Gallery

The Portman is a public art gallery which shares its space with Morpeth Secondary School.

The gallery aims to make engaging in contemporary art as natural as playing a ball game.  

Morpeth school is an ideal location for the gallery’s work and provides an exciting space for artists to exhibit their work and collaborate with the students.

Portman Gallery attracts a wide audience and is constantly seeking ways to encourage new visitors from the surrounding area.


Occupied realism Drawing by Andrew CooperPoster

IMG 7602Scaffold structure