Professional Learning Programmes

THEP Secondary Newly Qualified Teachers Programme (NQTs)

Support for teachers through the first year of their teaching has always been an alliance priority. As part of this support, TELTSA have been commissioned to run cluster group delivery of the Tower Hamlets Education Partnership course for Secondary NQTs. The course has six sessions and runs across the three terms to support NQTs at key points in their first year development.


THEP Recently Qualified Teachers Programme (RQTs)

Continued support for teachers through the early years of their teaching is also an alliance priority. Also commissioned by THEP, we deliver a bespoke, cross-phase TELTSA cluster group delivery of the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership RQT course for primary and secondary teachers in their second year of teaching.

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Developing Middle and Senior Leaders (NPQML and NPQSL)

For the last 5 years we have, and continue to, run a TELTSA cluster group delivery of National College for Teaching and Learning Leadership courses: NPQML and NPQSL to ensure that our middle and senior leaders, as well as those aspiring to leadership, are empowered to become excellent leaders who are informed and up to date with the very latest research with regards to both leadership and teaching and learning.

National Professional Qualification for Middle Leaders (NPQML)

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National Professional Qualification for Senior Leaders. (NPQSL)

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