Parent Ping app

Our school has been selected to take part in a project about parent views.

To help us do this we would appreciate if you could download and use a free survey app called Parent Ping: .

What is Parent Ping?

  • Parent Ping is a daily survey app that helps you learn how other parents are dealing with life – all in just 2 minutes a day!
  • Each day your phone will PING! and send at least 2 questions for you to answer. You can decide how many of your children you’d like to answer questions about, and we aim to make the whole thing as easy and simple as possible.
  • Once answered you get to see the answers from yesterday. Did other parents agree or disagree? Easy graphs show you how ‘normal’ your answers are! Finally, you are rewarded with badges, points and a daily read about some aspect of parenting.

Parent Ping 2  Facebook Testimonial

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