Headteacher's update for families

                                                                                                                                                 Thursday 16th July 2020


Dear families,

I hope you have had a good week. This is the last letter of a very odd term and apologies for it being a long one but I want to give you an outline of the arrangements for September.

Obviously we are following government guidance so are planning for all pupils to be back in next term but we also have back-up plans should circumstances change:

  • Plan A: all pupils in school full-time – further details below
  • Plan B: a rota to reduce the number of pupils in school e.g. Week 1 - Years 7, 8, 12 & 13; Week 2 – Years 9, 10, 11. Pupils would have live lessons as per their timetable during the week when they weren’t in school. Registers taken at the beginning of every lesson (in-school or remote).
  • Plan C: remote learning e.g. in the event of a local lockdown. Pupils would follow their timetables with the first part of each lesson being taught ‘live’ and with registers taken.

In terms of Plan A, our guiding principles are:

  • To minimise mixing and maximise distancing wherever possible whilst…
  • Ensuring all pupils have access to the full curriculum and…
  • Safeguarding tutor time and a focus on wellbeing whilst…
  • Making the school site as safe as possible with a focus on good hygiene.

Therefore we will be making the following changes:

  • We have installed additional handwashing facilities at various points around the school and more are going in over the summer. All pupils will be expected to wash their hands on entry and at regular points throughout the day. There will be disinfectant, gloves, tissues and sanitiser in every classroom and workspace. We will be reviewing room layouts to enable as much distancing as possible within classrooms.
  • Start and finish times for the school day will change slightly and we will use different entrances for different year groups.
  • Year groups will register in separate zones of the school.
  • We will have staggered breaks and lunchtimes to minimise the number of pupils in the playground at any one time and to reduce the risk of mixing.
  • We have already implemented one-way systems across the main site and Wessex.

However, we also want school to feel as normal as possible for pupils so the following aspects of school will remain the same:

  • Pupils will follow their current timetable and study all of their subjects.
  • Pupils will be able to have a hot or cold lunch.
  • Pupils will be expected to wear uniform – uniform list enclosed.

I will be writing to you during the holidays to confirm details with you but I know you will also be keen to know when different year groups will be returning. As I have said previously, we are taking additional time at the start of term for staff training so that staff are fully prepared to support pupils. We are also introducing year groups slowly so that each group of pupils has time to adjust to the changes in school and we can ensure systems are working before we have all pupils back in.

Tues 1st September

Staff training


Wed 2nd September

Staff training


Thurs 3rd September

Staff training


Fri 4th September

Year 7 & Year 12 only


Mon 7th September

Year 11 & Year 13 only

Year 7 & Y12 Parent / Tutor meetings

Tues 8th September

Year 8 only

Year 7 & Y12 Parent / Tutor meetings

Weds 9th September

Year 9 & Year 10 only


Thurs 10th September

All year groups


Fri 11th September

All year groups


So I want to finish by saying a huge thank you for all your support in working with us throughout this period. The feedback from the pupil-tutor interviews, the engagement with work on ‘Show My Homework’, the number of pupils attending our ‘day school’ regularly, the number of achievements showcased in the Praise Bulletin, the responses to the Whole School Challenges – all have shown us the positives that can be drawn from a difficult situation and the benefits of a close working partnership.

I will be writing to you again over the summer to update you on arrangements for September and we very much look forward to seeing all the pupils back in school again then but in the meantime I wish everyone a very, very restful, happy and safe summer holiday.

Yours faithfully,


Jemima Reilly