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Posted on: 17/03/2022

Pupils come home with Gold and Silver from Panathlon

Pupils have been celebrating their medal success after winning Gold and Silver in the East London Extend Panathlon finals.

The event gives young people with disabilities and special educational needs, the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. 

Support teacher, Ms Pennant said: “Over the last two years they have spent all their time indoors, so taking part in a safe and accessible event like this is such an amazing opportunity.

“It has fostered really good communication skills amongst pupils who don’t usually talk to each other. One boy here has always refused to come out of school but he is here now and I’m seeing him communicate in a way I have never seen before. That’s because of the environment Panathlon has created.

“They are all experiencing a sense of achievement. They are overwhelmed that they’re hitting targets, getting good scores and competing on the same level as other schools. The t-shirts also give them a big sense of belonging and being part of a team.”

Panathlon sports include football, boccia, ten-pin bowling, new-age kurling, powerchair, cricket and tennis. View further details here:

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