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Posted on: 12/01/2021

Parents Praise online teaching and learning

Parents have been sending messages of thanks and praise to Morpeth School staff for the quality of online teaching provided to pupils currently learning at home.

Following the Government’s announcement on 4th January 2020, to close schools as part of Coronavirus restrictions, all schools are required to provide remote learning.

Headteacher, Jemima Reilly said:

“We were in a good position to switch to online teaching immediately and to deliver our full school timetable - it already feels very different from the first lockdown. Although as a school, we had been preparing for this scenario, this way of working is still new to us all so we will be fine-tuning practice in the coming weeks.

"Our expectations remain high for our pupils and we are determined to ensure they receive the best education and support we can provide.

"Response from our pupils has been incredibly positive, with excellent attendance in online lessons. Thank you to families and staff for making this happen."

We always really appreciate getting feedback from parents. Some recent comments include:

We just wanted to write and say how much we have been bowled over by the huge effort all the Morpeth staff have been putting into maintaining learning for the kids as things have become ever-tougher… From our end, the hard work and thorough preparation you have been putting into distance-learning are really paying off and we are very grateful.”

“I have to say that we have been hugely impressed by and appreciative of everything Morpeth has done and is doing…Thank you for being so resilient in such challenging times.”