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Posted on: 04/05/2020

Remembering Altab Ali

Pupils in Year 7 have been taking part in an online, form-time activity, with their tutor Ms Fletcher, to mark Altab Ali Day in Tower Hamlets on Monday 4th May 2020.

Mr Ali, was murdered in a racist attack in 1998.

In a stand against racism and to support community cohesion, Altab Ali Day was established as an annual event in the borough, by the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs.  

To mark the day, pupils reflected on why it is important to remember local history.

These are some of their thoughts:


"It is important to remember local history because it is part of us"

"[The community response to Altab Ali's murder teaches us] how we can come together as one when we need each other. Learning this history I feel like we can do better together and should always keep each other in mind."


"It’s important to remember this event because there was a lot of racism in England and the people helped to stop it...Back then racism was a big problem until people stood up."


"I think it is important to remember local history because we can remember how society has that we can have what we have makes me feel people will fight back no matter what."


"The community response to Altab Ali's murder teaches us that people of all races can unite to fight against bad. Learning about this history made me feel shocked and sad because Altab Ali was killed just because of his race."

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St Mary's Park, the scene of Altab Ali's Muder, was renamed and dedicated to him.