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Posted on: 14/02/2020

Letter from the Headteacher February 2020

Morpeth School Headteacher, Ms Reilly, said:

"As more and more of our contact with family, friends, businesses and other organisations takes place online, our understanding of both the benefits and threats of communication technology – including social media – becomes clearer.

The advantages are truly wonderful. We live in an era where there are so many opportunities to discover, learn, exchange and create. But there’s a down side. We frequently hear news reports about young people being bullied online and groomed to behave in ways harmful to their wellbeing; we also hear about older people being conned into parting with their life savings; or individuals’ identities being cloned and used for criminal activities.

Safer Internet Day, took place on 11th February. We decided to mark the day, which was organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre, with a whole week of activities and information. From advice on what to do if asked to send photos and personal information, to handling bullies, we understand the importance of equipping our young people with the knowledge, skills, confidence and tools needed to protect themselves on line.

This focus goes beyond just one specific week. As educators we will use every opportunity – be it during registration, break, CPHSE as well as other lessons, to help pupils use the internet safely and support them if problems arise. 

The school will shortly have a CEOPs button displayed clearly on its website.


CEOPs stands for Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre and is part of the National Crime Agency. Clicking on this button will allow an adult or child to report any concern they have about content or communication online or through the internet.


We all know that the internet is a wonderful source of information for us all. However, we also know that there are dangers to be aware of.


Further information will be sent to parents in due course."