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Posted on: 15/09/2019

Learning True Grit

Lower school pupils have been learning about the meaning of grit (showing determination and courage) and its relevance to them.

The theme grit, was used in their recent assembly (15th September) by Assistant Headteacher, Mr Waller. He told pupils about the book of the same name, by psychologist Angela Duckworth and how it had influenced him.

He said that with grit pupils could succeed in what they set out to do and encouraged them to take away three key messages:

  1. Practice is more important than talent. With continuous practice and revision students will get better at even the most challenging of subjects.
  2. Pupils are more likely to succeed if they are passionate about what they are doing. Morpeth has a large number of extracurricular activities, find something that you enjoy doing and take part.
  3. Don’t give in when faced with difficulties and challenges and ask for help when you get stuck. This is how you build up resilience.

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