Head of Department: Liam Urtone

Deputy Head of Department: Leila Tottingham

Members of Department:

  • Vivienne Brian
  • Tom Hofmann
  • John Pickett (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Tom Smith (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Leila Tottingham

The study of History is crucial for students’ understanding of the world in which they live; it is by studying the past that we can begin to grasp why major decisions were made and how these continue to influence us today.

History is therefore no longer a subject devoted to memorising key battles and dates – the study of History at Morpeth is at the forefront of our whole school attempt to equip students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to succeed in an increasingly complex world.




Learn more about History at Morpeth, view our video here.

KS3 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities (Years 7-8)

  • Power through time: Britain’s journey to democracy
  • The Normal conquest: 1066
  • The Black Death, 1348
  • Tudors, Stuarts and the birth of the modern era
  • Twentieth century upheaval: The First and Second World Wars, and in-depth study on the Holocaust and the emergence of civil rights in the USA
  • Enrichment: the opportunity to attend the Battle of Hastings enactment!
  • A trip to the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace
  • Jack the Ripper learning walk: London in the 1880’s
  • Bombing Bethnal Green: a learning walk exploring the legacy of the Blitz

KS4 curriculum and enrichment opportunities (Years 9-11)

We currently offer two GCSE’s which students can study across KS4. It is possible for pupils to study both across their KS4 career

  • Modern World History: six topics, two controlled assessments (including the Origins of the First World War, Peacemaking and the League of Nations, the USA in the 1920’s, Hitler’s foreign policy, Hitler’s Germany and War in Vietnam)
  • Ancient History: one controlled assessment and three exam topics comprising of Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Cleopatra of Egypt.
  • Enrichment opportunities: trips the First World War battlefields of the Somme (residential) and Ypres (day trip) for all, residential trip to Athens (Ancient History). We are also always on the look out for lectures, conferences and other ways to enrich our pupils.

KS5 Curriculum and Enrichment Opportunities (Years 12-13)

We currently offer two A Levels courses:

  • History (assessed at the end of Y13: the two components of study are Tsarist/Communist Russia, 1855-1964 and Britain, 1902-1957.)
  • Government and Politics: four assessed units which cover global politics, British politics and conflict.

Other Important Information

In the History department, we passionately believe that pupils learn and achieve when they are actively engaged with the subject. We design lessons that afford pupils the opportunity to explore information for themselves through enquiries rather than simply receiving a narrative of what happened. We encourage all pupils to arrive at their own conclusions about what happened in the past – and insist that evidence is always used to support the viewpoints they develop.