Head of department: Hafizur Rahman

Members of Department:

  • Elaine Danaher
  • Sophie Grosset
  • Achilles Sarris

The Geography department is well resourced with classroom materials and books and has constant access to a computer suite for ICT within lessons and for controlled assessments (coursework).  All Geography is taught on the same corridor and staff work from a shared office; this ensures that best practice is constantly shared and that someone is always on hand to help students with their Geography work.

Advice on Geography revision - view Geography Mock Exam Guide here.

Key Stage 3 curriculum (Years 7-8)

The Key Stage 3 syllabus is taught over 2 years and is designed to give all pupils grounding in the subject that will enable them to progress towards success at GCSE or beyond.

The 4 main topics taught are:

  • Geographical Skills
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes
  • Weather and Climate
  • Rivers

Fieldtrip – All year 7 pupils go to Eynsford to study the River Darent in support of their classwork.

Supporting materials for all topics covered can be found here.

Pupils are required to carry out extended homework projects in both years 7 and 8.  With support within class, they are encouraged to stretch themselves to produce a level of work that makes the jump to GSCE and their Controlled Assessment a manageable task.

Key Stage 4 curriculum (Years 9-11)

Exam Board: OCR Geography B. The benefits of this course are:

  • A balance of theoretical and practical work, encouraging an active involvement in the subject.
  • An ideal foundation for learners who want to pursue Geography at A Level or as a career.
  • An understanding of global geographical issues and how to apply this to a range of contexts.

The GCSE year starts with a trip to the Helvellyn youth hostel in the Lake District where 30 of the new geography students are taught to be experts in the skills required for GCSE success.  On their return, these experts will help to guide the rest of the cohort to success too.

We teach in mixed year groups so that pupils can select subjects that are most appropriate to their ability level.  This new approach to the course has seen a year on year improvement in results that we are confident will continue.

Fieldtrips throughout the year, notably to Marchants Hill and Beachy Head, give students the opportunity to study and support their learning about areas they might not otherwise have contact with in London.  Also, the timetable is written to ensure that extended periods of time are blocked for Geography to ensure that local fieldtrips can be run for all topics studied without any disruption to other subjects.

Key Stage 5 curriculum (Years 12-13)

100% Pass rate

Teaching groups are taught Human and Physical Geography by different teachers so that they can benefit from the very best expertise that the school has to offer.

We run numerous day trips to the coast, farms, urban and river settings to bring the curriculum to life and residential fieldtrips are planned for all AS and A2 students.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

The Geography Department is a friendly team of four staff committed to collaborative ways of working, mixed-ability teaching, and to providing a wide range of enrichment opportunities at KS3 to KS5.  These include local fieldwork throughout KS3 with a river study day in year 7 for all pupils, extensive fieldwork across London in KS4 with a residential to the Lake District or other national park and two residential fieldtrips across KS5. The experience of getting to unfamiliar environments is vital for geography students and the school day at Morpeth caters perfectly for this, full morning sessions allowing us to get students as far as the Thames barrier and even the occasional farm visit without having to disturb other subjects.