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Posted on: 28/11/2019

Head to Head careers guidance feedback released

Feedback from the Head to Head mock interview programme for Year 11 pupils has been released, showing students have benefited greatly from  first hand advice given by industry professionals.

Head to Head is an annual scheme run with the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP).

All Year 11s go through the process of applying for a dummy job and are interviewed by professionals who work in the public and private sectors, and have volunteered their time.

The volunteers give students advice on how to consturct a CV, present themselves and make the most of their transferable skills.

Feeback from the 240 students who took part shows:

  • 90% agreed Head to Head was helpful for thinking about their future career and/or career options
  • 80% agreed Head to Head made them think about a future career and/or study option they had not considered before
  • 87% agreed Head to Head was useful for thinking about what work is like and what it takes to be successful in the workplace.

The next big careers event at Morpeth School is the day long Careers Fair on Wednesday 29th January, for Years 10, 11, 12 and 13.

Pupils and parents can meet with representatives from a range of colleges and universities, as well as apprenticeship and training providers, and employers.