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Posted on: 19/01/2017


Year 7 Science students faced the challenge of finding out what happens when you mix metals with acids, when studying the topic of acids and alkalis in Mr Mossell’s Chemistry class.

The focus was on discovering what happens when metals and acids are mixed and what occurs when the resulting hydrogen gas is exposed to a naked flame.

Pupils found it resulted in a popping sound accompanied by a bright flare; they also learned that when hydrogen gas mixes with oxygen, it creates water.

In Dr Powers Physics class, Year 12s have been investigating the relationship between what an object weighs, air resistance and how quickly it gets to terminal velocity, by throwing paper cup cake cases from a balcony. They started with one case, then added another after each throw.

Pupils found the fewer the number of cake holders stacked together, the quicker they reached terminal velocity when thrown. Likewise, the more cake holders stacked together and the heavier the weight, the more time it took to reach terminal velocity.DSC 0806DSC 0799