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Posted on: 29/09/2016


Up to 300 people turned up to Morpeth School Open Evening on Wednesday 29th September 2016.

Year 6 pupils, families and friends toured the school grounds and buildings, stopping off at classrooms along the way, to watch demonstrations, talk to teachers and students, and learn about the way different subjects are taught.

Responses from visitors included:

“Everything went well. The tour was very exciting and interesting. Particularly the guides who gave extra information.”

“The tour is very educational, making sure we get the best out of it and all the information. Nice staff, lots of interesting subjects.”

“Really like the school. Staff and pupils appear to be happy here, and I appreciate the different approach to behaviour. “

“I enjoyed it when I went to the Science room and I carried the fire.”

“Great event! Nice to have food, tour was thorough but ran out of time. Top of our list so far!”

Assistant Headteacher, Tom Smith, said: “It was great to see so many visitors in our school; the atmosphere was extremely positive. Thanks for everyone’s feedback.

“There’ll be further opportunities to find out what we have to offer, during our open mornings in October.”

Open mornings will be held on Wednesday 5th, Friday 7th and Monday 10th October 2016, at 9.30am.