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Posted on: 29/07/2016

Year 11 Graduates Walk the Red Carpet

The red carpet was laid out for 240 Year 11 pupils who graduated from Morpeth Secondary School on 15th July 2016.

Dressed to the nines, pupils turned up for the ceremony at the school, with family, friends and staff looking on as they walked the red carpet to the graduation hall.

Guest speaker for the evening was the school’s longest serving teacher, Mr Mike Burns; he will be retiring from Morpeth this summer after 36 years of service at the school.

Mr Burns regaled the audience with stories from his school days and his life as a student.

He told pupils the book that inspired him the most was A Life On The Edge by American mountaineer Jim Whittaker. Quoting the author he said: “If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space”

Mr Burns urged pupils to live their lives on the edge.  He said:  “It has nothing to do with thrill-seeking. It’s about making the most of every moment, about stretching your own boundaries, about being willing to learn constantly, and putting yourself in situations where learning is possible – sometimes even critical to your survival.

“Being out on the edge, with everything at risk, is where you learn – and grow – the most.”

Although graduation marks the end of pupils’ secondary education, many of them will return to Morpeth for the Sixth Form.

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