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Posted on: 25/08/2016

Excellent GCSE results for Morpeth Pupils

Pupils at Morpeth School have achieved some excellent individual GCSE results today, Thursday 25th August 2016.

Among them were Max Jayatillake and Joe Wethersek.

Max received all As and A stars, including A* in Maths and A* in Computing. He said: "This is great, just what I need. I want a career in programming and these results give me the key to every single door in the industry”.    

Joe’s results include two A*s and 3 As. He will go on to study A Level Maths & Physics. He said: “I’m delighted with my results”

Nafisa Chowdhury achieved an A* in ICT and a further four A grades in Maths, Design Technology, English Literature and Science. She said: “I can now study what I want and hopefully be successful in the future”.

Pupil, Holly Ha, opened her results envelope to find she had secured six A*s and two As. She eventually wants to study History at university and said: “Thank you to my Maths teacher who managed to get me up from B grade to A in just a year”.

Headteacher, Jemima Reilly said: “Attainment by the new measures is up compared to last year, and there are some excellent individual results. Congratulations to all pupils for their achievements”.

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