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Posted on: 30/06/2016


Pupils hit the jackpot recently by winning £1,500 for local charity groups by advocating on their behalf.

The pupils took part in a scheme run by Give First, an organisation that works with students to help them identify local social issues and to engage with charities that address them.

They were given the opportunity to compete for £1,500 grant money by presenting well thought out arguments on why the charities they had chosen, should receive the funds.

Morpeth’s pupils succeeded in securing the full amount; £1,000 will go to Hestia, the largest provider of domestic abuse refuges in London; mental health charity MIND will receive £250, and £250 will go to the Osamani Trust, a youth and community organisation based in Tower Hamlets.

CPHSE teacher, Ms Jill Moore said: “The pupils presentations were compassionate, persuasive and well thought out. Well done to all of them for what they have achieved.”