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Posted on: 29/04/2016


Pupils at Morpeth School witnessed a Shakespearian takeover when teachers and support staff turned up for lessons dressed as characters from Shakespeare’s works, in celebration of National Shakespeare Day.

Students were treated to the sight of Cleopatra photocopying documents and Julius Caesar teaching maths, as well as Hamlet in the library and the bear from A Winter’s Tale prowling the school corridors.

Staff were asked to dress up as either a character, or to represent a famous quote from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets.

A quiz compiled for pupils, listed characters and quotes along with snippets of supporting information. Pupils were set the task of matching staff dressed up, to the information on the sheets.

English teacher Joanna Clark said:

“We decided this was a good way of bringing Shakespeare’s work alive for pupils, and to show them that his work is still relevant to today.

“Many words we still use in the English language were coined by the Bard, such as ‘amazement’, ‘champion’, ‘fashionable', and ‘puking', and so he is still with us everyday.

“We wanted pupils to feel engaged with him on the 400 year anniversary of his death.”

Shakespeare is believed to have died on or near his birthday - 23rd April, 400 hundred years ago. National Shakespeare Day commemorating the great Bard’s birth and achievements is held on this date.

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