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Posted on: 24/03/2016


Morpeth pupils proved they are a force to be reckoned with, when they won the  Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition organised by the Citizenship Foundation, earlier this month.

Teams of students went head to head, playing different roles in a real courtroom setting in Thames Magistrates Court

Three of Morpeth’s legal team explain their roles and give their views on their experience.   

Raiyan Motahir – Legal Advisor:
“My role was to remind everyone in court of the law.  It was hard work; first I had to put together my own script which had to last for three minutes. Then I had to do a summary of the law based on evidence, not my own opinion; this was difficult but gave me a lot of insights.”

Khalidu Rahman  – Defence Witness:
“First I wrote down a statement and the prosecution lawyer asked me questions about what I had said.  Then the defence lawyer asked questions and tried to find inconsistencies in my statement; he confused me and I wouldn’t want to do this in real life, but I got a good insight.”

Imad Uddin-Ahmed: Prosecution Lawyer:
“My role was to prove the accused was guilty.  I had to come up with an examination sheet that had to last for four minutes. I did the opening statement in court and had to find inconsistencies in the other side’s arguments. I’ve always been interested in the law, and now I definitely want to be a lawyer.”

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