National Teaching School

We were successful in our bid to become a National Teaching School in September 2012. We made a joint application with one of our main ‘feeder’ primary schools, Bonner School. Jointly we are named the Bonner School/Morpeth School Teaching School Alliance.

Our strategic partners are as follows:

  • Bangabandhu Primary School
  • Globe Primary School
  • John Scurr Primary School
  • Rachel Keeling Nursery School
  • Phoenix Special School
  • Stepney Green Boys’ Secondary School

Our HEI partner is the Institute of Education, University of London (IoE).

The following section from our statement of application for Teaching School status, summarises our rationale for applying.

An alliance led by Bonner and Morpeth Schools is an opportunity to maintain and increase the recruitment of high quality teaching and support staff to support the needs of children and schools in Tower Hamlets. We will fully exploit our unique context to provide experience across a wide range of settings within very close geographical proximity: with our strategic partners we will offer experiences from nursery to post 16, in both mixed and single sex institutions including a special school.

The proposed alliance schools share a cross phase focus on literacy development beyond 1:1 interventions e.g. a specialist language unit in Globe Primary and a dedicated Speech and Language Team in Morpeth. Literacy is a national priority, but the specific needs in Tower Hamlets will remain in a society facing an increase in child poverty and deprivation. In this respect our broad experience of supporting pupils with special educational needs will be essential in supporting trainees’ experience of planning and delivering lessons to support an extensive range of need. Also Morpeth and the secondary schools offer a broad range of specialisms; performing and visual arts, languages, maths and business studies.

Working with the IoE we are leading the development of a cluster approach towards the deployment of ITT students that will directly influence our teaching school work. We will offer joint Professional Studies to specifically meet local needs and we have the resources to facilitate this. Bonner and Morpeth Schools have dedicated training suites.

As ‘outstanding’ schools Bonner, Morpeth and our secondary and special school strategic partners have highly effective senior and middle leaders with experience of planning, co-ordinating and delivering ITT. As a Training School Morpeth has already built capacity, through the introduction of specific post holders, for the further development of ITT and other internal and outreach CPD. 

Teaching School developments so far include:

  • the formation of a cluster group of schools within the Alliance, working within an enhanced relationship with the IoE, regarding Initial Teacher Education.
  • working with a ‘Researcher-in-Residence’, in liaison with the IoE..
  • a successful bid for a Teaching School ‘Research & Development Grant’.
  • the instigation of a bespoke ‘Mentor Training’ course, facilitated by our key IoE link colleague.

For further information please contact:

Laura Worsley, Associate Headteacher