Head of Department: Laura Pickering

Members of Department:

  • Mark Lickley (Deputy Head of Department)
  • Ben Clements


The media is everywhere and young people spend most of their time learning from the media, even before they reach school age.  By the time they arrive in school, almost all young people will have experienced several years of television and online games as well as other mediums such as radio, films, and advertising. They will probably know what newspapers and magazines are, even if they don’t read them.

Media Studies aims to equip students with the skills to look critically at media texts, to use analytical skills to recognise how a film, magazine or video game can be understood on many levels, to learn to separate fact from fiction and to recognise how the media shapes our perceptions of the world through different representations, viewpoints and messages.

Media Studies is an exciting, challenging subject and is extremely popular with pupils.

At Key Stage 4, our pupils follow the Eduqas GCSE Media Studies course

It involves the study of a range of media, including:

·      Advertising and film marketing

·      Magazines

·      Newspapers

·      Magazines

·      Radio

·      Video games

·      TV sitcoms

·      Music videos and online media


The Media Department is staffed by a small team of enthusiastic and highly committed teachers, with experience of teaching this subject to A Level.

Pupils are taught in groups of 24 or under in dedicated Media Suites, which are equipped with 25 computers. These are loaded with professional media software packages, allowing our students to use industry standard technology in their own production work. There are also two media technicians who are experts in using the software and are always on hand to help the students create their practical work.

We regularly review our curriculum to ensure it prepares pupils for exam success, develops independent learning skills and, most importantly, to ensure that it is stimulating, challenging and enjoyable.

We are committed to mixed ability teaching and recognise that to do this effectively the curriculum has to be planned carefully, ensuring progression, support and challenge.

Pupils’ progress is carefully tracked and intervention strategies are employed to support pupils who are underachieving.

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