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Posted on: 07/05/2020

Lockdown Art Challenge winners

Winners of the Morpeth School Art Challenge 2020 have been announced.

Pupils were asked to recreate an image of their choice.

Entries ranged from individuals dressing up and posing to look like figures in classical paintings, to making sculptures out of cardboard.

Initially, three prizes of £15, £10 and £5 Amazon vouchers were up for grabs, but with the number of art works sent in and the high standard of work produced, more prize categories were added.

The top three winners of the Challenge are:

  • Juliet Sanders-Moira (1st)
  • Ruben Wadsworth (2nd)
  • Leila Wilkinson (3rd)

Additional winners are:

  • Mustaqeen Ahamed and Chioma Uzor – both won prizes for recreating an un-usual original painting
  • Lucinda Riley – Best for sophistication and thought
  • Nafisa Mahaud – Best original method
  • Stella Davidge – Best for making and recycling skills
  • Connor Norman – Best unusual idea/thought
  • Isla and Marco Roberts – Best for collective sibling and family collaboration
  • Holden Liber – Best for making you smile

Winners work can be seen below.

Other entries can be viewed in the picture gallery.  


Juliet Sanders 1st prize


Ruben photo painting

Ruben Wadsworth 2nd prize


Leila wilkinson painting and photo 

Leila Wilkinson 3rd prize